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Walking Dead Installation
Installation view.
Walking Dead Meme Book
Walking Dead Meme Book
Silkscreen on Comics Journal issue No. 289 . 2016.
Walking Dead Sculpture
Walking Dead Sculpture
Walking Dead Sculpture
Websites silkscreen on plexi glass. 2016.
Left: jezebel.com/5993704/the-walking-dead-creator-women-are-generally-physically-weaker-thats-science
Right: www.villagevoice.com/film/think-the-walking-dead-has-a-woman-problem-heres-the-source-6437961
Scifi zine collection and a futuristic table
Scifi zine collection and a futuristic table. 2016.
Mainstream sci-fi and fantasy narratives do not successfully function as sources of escape for all people, as these stories perpetuate white, heteropatriarchy. The comic zines in this collection (as interpreted by the collector) a) do not subscribe to narratives of sexism, racism, or homophobia and b) are created by artists who are underrepresented in comics. The collection is situated with and is in contrast to the narrative presented in the Walking Dead sculptures.

************************************* A Selection from the Collection:::::::::::::::::...................
Gloom Planet
Nothing Whatsoever All Out in the Open
Party Plans
The Experts
Trapper Keeper 4
Future Shock