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Stank Stiglies Sticker Pack 1

Dip a Toe

Brick Comic
Mac Demarco 2012
Jailcraft Print Pack Zine

Group Zines

Cover for Baloney Papers

Mattress Poster (Animation)

Still from Mattress Poster Animation 2014

Blueberry Kissies

Blueberry Kissies Thumbnail

(That) Who is Human (?)

that who is human comic Thumbnail
'Sunglass Burning' printed in 'Honorary Mention' zine (NYC). Ink and acrylic paint with digital collage. 2014.


100 dollar film fest gif
Apple Painting. Guache on paper. 2013.
Carly painting. Oil and acrylic. 2015.
Tim Heidecker. 2012.
Escape from Gagland Thumbnail
The Regurgitraitors Comic. 2011.
Neil Hamburger for Sled Island Poster Show. 2011.

The Shrapnelles (Music Video)

Still from animation for The Shrapnelles