*Reverse Poser*

Set for Patches on table gallery installation
Set for Patches on table gallery installation
"All Ages Font Space". Authentic silkscreened patches. 2015. http://www.fontspace.com/search/?q=punk
Left Image (above):
Me selling patches at Aaron Ross' jizzy baloney show in Chicago (at Comfort Station, 2016).
Contact me if you would like to buy one of these patches.

Lookbook spread
"Thus they become hideous". Hand-bound book with painted back. 2016.
On June 17th, 2014, in a state of desperation, I wrote a humiliating manifesto (diary entry) about how I would slowly alter my dress in a way that confused or offended the tastes of my peers, so that either my clothes antagonized them or I influenced them to dress in a way that they previously hated. I went through with it for a year and the progression is documented in this book, reverse chronologically. The unedited manifesto excerpt included in the book reads:
“Timing was perfect because i just came from new york which means people might think that i picked up my new stupid style from there and want to emulate it, thus they become hideous."

Painted tshirt
"My Special Fashion". Acrylic paint on canvas, replica of my real shirt, 2.5' x 2' x .5', 2015.
I replicated my shirt in paint to compare the illusory (poser) nature of painting to the illusory nature of identity through fashion. This is the same shirt that I am wearing on the cover of the "Thus they become hideous" book as well as wore on my body for most of 2015.

Patches Installation Shot
"Reverse Poser" installation view.